Compex Legal Services provides reliable and cost-effective record retrieval services for medical records obtained by subpoena or authorization. We have existing and long-standing agreements with multiple TPAs around the country.


We help your claims and legal teams increase efficiency, manage costs, and reduce risk. Our claim file services offer TPAs a prompt and effective solution to manage the constant influx of requests for copies of claim files.


A committed and highly experienced client services team is dedicated to each TPA to provide quick answers to questions and ensure success.

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How We Help

TPAs work with us to swiftly and effortlessly access comprehensive medical records, enabling your staff to concentrate on more impactful tasks. Accelerated record retrieval leads to expedited claims processing and resolution, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Offering expedited turnaround times enables you to resolve claims more swiftly, manage pending cases effectively, and diminish indemnity costs.

We serve as your external partner. Count on seasoned professionals who grasp the intricacies of medical record retrieval, ensuring both speed and quality, thereby simplifying the retrieval process and saving you time. Our notification and monitoring system enables you to track the status of your request in real-time, round the clock.

"So far, I have a very favorable view of the Compex service. I cannot say I’ve had any issues yet. I believe using Compex to obtain our records for claim evaluations is much more efficient than our previous process simply from the standpoint that it’s my opinion that Compex seems to be much more responsive to our requests than our previous partner."

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Sheryl S.

Claims Manager
National TPA Firm