Compex Legal Services is the industry expert in record retrieval and document management solutions for the insurance industry.


Compex offers our national, regional, and local insurance clients an extensive range of services, state-of-the-art technology, and the most competitive rates in the industry. In addition, we provide a seamless onboarding experience backed by industry-leading customer support.


Our clients include national property and casualty insurance carriers, workers' compensation, and medical malpractice companies.


Compex has been chosen as an exclusive or preferred vendor by several of the largest national and regional insurance carriers across the country. Because of these successes, we have more experience than any other organization with implementing, maintaining, and exceeding the service level expectations of our carrier agreements.

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How We Help

Busy insurance companies work with us to get fast, easy access to complete medical records, so their staff can focus on more valuable work. Faster record retrieval means quicker claims processing and resolution, improving productivity and profitability.

Providing faster turnaround times will allow you to settle claims quicker, control your pending claims cases, and reduce indemnity costs.

We’re your external partner. Rely on experts who understand the medical record retrieval process and deliver speed and quality, making the retrieval process easier for you, saving you time. Our notification and monitoring system allows you to update the status of your request in real time, anytime.

"One of my adjusters mentioned this morning, as we were discussing one of their cases, how Compex does a nice job. Their services are an immense timesaver, they’re quick to respond to requests, and their processes seem very efficient, which helps to move cases forward timelier."

Testimonial from Kimberly at major insurance carrier

Kimberly S.

Claim Manager
Major Insurance Carrier