Intuitive Client Portal

Our modern, easy-to-use interface streamlines the process of placing and receiving orders and summaries, end-to-end

Place orders and receive records in one place

Concise real-time status updates

Strict adherence to your preferences

On-demand management reports (coming soon)

Intuitive Client Portal screenshot

NEXT Operating Platform

Our next-generation operating platform ensures consistent & reliable delivery across each and every workflow step

Significant automation drives quality & consistency

Workflow management reduces fulfillment time

Strict preference management drives satisfaction

Smart system knows laws & procedures in 50 states

NEXT Operating Platform


We provide flexible integrations across insurance company ecosystems, so Compex works out-of-box with the tools you rely on everyday, including

Guidewire: Powering insurance businesses

Authentic4D: Independently reviews medical images

MerusCase: Powering legal practices

LexisNexis: Powering accurate billing

Flexible integrations across insurance company ecosystems


Best-in-class security measures protect all Compex-housed data and ensure compliance

Full encryption to meet client HIPAA requirements

Award-winning next generation ColorTokens technology securing networks, devices & applications

Proactive penetration testing & defensive measures

Highest security standards & dual-auth log-in

SOC2 certification

Best in class cybersecurity measures

Disaster Recovery

Best-in-class procedures and systems prevent data loss and minimize downtime due to disasters

End-of-day off-site data mirroring

On-site emergency generators

Waterless fire suppression system

Best-in-class business continuity plan

Best in class disaster recovery


Our data center technologies and procedures provide maximum uptime and disaster recovery

Best-in-class data center infrastructure

Best-in-class security and protective measures

24-7 monitoring and security

Strict procedures to drive HIPAA compliance

Infrastructure that provides maximum uptime

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