Summarizing records is tedious and time consuming

With more and more litigation, legal and insurance professionals are becoming busier every day. Compex’s easy to use TruSummary™ tool was created to take the manual labor (and frustration) out of the process of organizing, understanding, and summarizing records.

Paralegal showing that summarizing records is tedious and time consuming

Compex summarizes records, saving you time and money

TruSummary™ drastically reduces the amount of attorney, paralegal and claims personnel time spent organizing and reviewing documents. Our highly-trained staff does the work faster and more cost-effectively than any law firm or insurance company can do in-house.

Compex summarizes records saving you time and money

“I have been using Compex for at least 12 years, and they have provided consistent, high quality services. Their summary service is extremely valuable. I am provided with a thorough, easy-to-read summary that puts all records into chronological order, with a description of the entry, and easy page number reference for later location of the actual entry.”

Keith is attorney with Hanna Brophy Maclean Mcaleer and Jensen

Keith E.

Attorney, Hanna, Brophy, Maclean, Mcaleer & Jensen, LLP

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