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Compex ROI Calculator Shows How Clients Reduce Record Retrieval Costs

Compex Legal Services

Compex's Claims & Legal ROI Calculator enables carriers to project cost savings relative to their own in-house record retrieval costs.

Today, Compex is excited to announce the launch of our Claims & Legal ROI Calculator. Since 1972, we have been the record retrieval partner of choice for over 200 insurance carriers. Over the years, our carrier partners have consistently challenged us to drive process and performance improvement initiatives that have led to the fastest and most cost-effective way to retrieve records. Our proprietary approach, developed over five decades of experience and enabled by industry-leading technology, is significantly more efficient than retrieving records in-house. A consistent question that comes up frequently is "How much time and money can we save partnering with Compex, versus running our own record retrieval operation in house?"

To answer this question, we have developed a Claims & Legal ROI Calculator. The calculator enables carriers to project cost savings relative to their own in-house record retrieval operations. A recent analysis completed in partnership with various top-tier carriers demonstrates that, on average, carriers reduce costs by approximately 50% working with Compex versus retrieving records in-house. We are confident that you will be pleased to see the results and the impact on LAE & Legal Spend.

To explore the results of the ROI Calculator and how a record retrieval partnership with Compex can drive cost savings for your organization, please schedule a demo with a knowledgable member of our team.

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