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Compex and CLM Present Steve Hunckler with Lifetime Achievement Award

Mike Spongberg

Compex recognizes Steve Hunckler as the recipient of the CLM's 2020-2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

This August, at the CLM's Annual Meeting in Atlanta, the CLM, in partnership with Compex, presented with the 2020-2021 CLM Lifetime Achievement Award to Stephen (Steve) Hunckler, Chief Claims Officer at State Compensation Insurance Fund. As we presented the award, we came together as an industry to celebrate Steve's many incredible accomplishments over a decades-long career. Compex is grateful to the CLM Alliance (Claims and Litigation Management Alliance) for hosting a fabulous event and for allowing us to sponsor the award. We'd also like to thank the many wonderful friends and colleagues who came out to honor Steve!

When asked about how we felt about the recognition, Steve said, "I’m proud of the influence that I’ve had and the relationships I’ve developed with many of the people with whom I’ve worked over the years at many different companies and organizations. To see their careers blossom and to be told by them that I had a lot to do with it is definitely what I’m most proud of over my career of 38 years (and counting)!"

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